Williams Rizzi

I am an undergraduate IT student from University of Trento, webdeveloper and lover of new tecnologies

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What i do

Full platform compatibility

I personally grant full compatibility websites, mobile-friendly interfaces and customizable front-ends.

Team working experienced

I had been the team leader of the TrentoLeaf group! Check out our work at out git repository. Imagine what we could do together.

Fast hands-on prototypes

Quick prototyping, 48h mock up shipment, as fast ad your business needs.

48h granteed functioning mock up shipment
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What i did

  • Diceroll

  • PORTS Website

  • CineWeb Website

  • TransferFranz Website

  • VendoDiTutto Website

  • Predictive Monitoring for FBK Trento

  • Brief Curriculum Vitae

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